CIPD L&D Show May 2016

I attended the second day of this year’s CIPD L&D Exhibition. There didn’t appear to be too much new on the exhibition floor and there remained a strong showing from CIPD qualification training providers, somewhat surprisingly considering the availability of the experience assessment and the rise of apprenticeships. Included below are some rough notes from… Continue reading CIPD L&D Show May 2016

Apprenticeships, the real future for L&D?

Somewhat under the radar in the UK, well in England at least, we seem to be facing a fundamental decision point for what workplace learning means. The government’s apprenticeship levy is threatening to create, from my current perspective at least, what looks like a three-tier system: small organisations who will take on apprentices over other… Continue reading Apprenticeships, the real future for L&D?

Event notes – 70:20:10 The Evidence Behind the Numbers

I recently attended this half day event, organised by the Corporate eLearning Consortium, based around a few sessions with Charles Jennings and Laura Overton. The day combined research findings, case studies and other material from Toward Maturity’s research related to 70:20:10 and Charles Jennings’ new 100% performance book (including his new roles for learning/performance professionals). For anyone familiar with the… Continue reading Event notes – 70:20:10 The Evidence Behind the Numbers