Havas Talent Bites event

I’m well behind with event write-ups but thought I’d just get down, in rough form, some of the key takeaways from this event back in October. It was the first time I’d received an invite and all the presentations were really good.  Apparently the topic of workplace/organizational/employee culture was ‘softer’ than some they’ve had in… Continue reading Havas Talent Bites event

Time for a rethink on ‘support’ services?

Starting my London-based career in an ‘Information Services’ team has led to me always having quite an interest in the semantics of support departments. Information has become a hugely overused term since then, closely associated with the ‘Knowledge Economy’, as business and academia have worried about the growth of technology and overload of web content… Continue reading Time for a rethink on ‘support’ services?

Apprenticeship changes: reflections thus far

I’ve drafted a few brief reflective pieces for the site of late – only for referendums, snippets of policy and other articles to make me pause and reflect again.  This is an attempt to capture some of the excellence points being made about apprenticeships as the future for UK (well English) skills development (as well… Continue reading Apprenticeship changes: reflections thus far