FutureLearn day one

Today might end up being a truly historic one that we look back to…or it might not.  Either way, FutureLearn caused a stir when it was announced and has created some patriotic drum beating today, the UK entering the online-HE-space ‘race’ (some would say to the bottom), perhaps not coincidentally timed a year from the … Continue reading “FutureLearn day one”

My initial thoughts on FutureLearn

FutureLearn, and MOOCs in general, have of course been in the news a lot recently so I thought I would put my initial response here for my future record.  This is the response I gave to a colleague… …Ultimately [it has seemed to me that] a lot of [Higher Education] management don’t ‘get’ the possibilities … Continue reading “My initial thoughts on FutureLearn”

CIPD L&D Show – May 2015: So out of touch with business that ‘VUCA’ is the buzz term

The opening session I attended at this year’s free exhibition considered how coaching can ‘stay ahead of the curve’.  This was quite an appropriate start to a day where my overwhelming feeling, from most of the sessions I attended and conversations I had around them, went something like “yes, obviously” and “we’ve been saying this … Continue reading “CIPD L&D Show – May 2015: So out of touch with business that ‘VUCA’ is the buzz term”