Novice Media

The proposal is for Novice Media to becomes a site/brand for introductory learning on topics that are under served online or where Googling and hitting Wikipedia is not enough to help.

The reasons for this (late 2018) idea included the issues emerging from the combination of complexity in the world and information overload of the web.  Fake news and other modern problems are born from a lack of understanding of key topics and history.

Let me know if you want anything building out or would like to see something covered below.


Me! Ian Gardner – The Learning Reducer


  1. Work on Learn Appeal projects (
  2. Learning and Development Practitioner Apprenticeship study guide and support resources
  3. H5P proof of concept (Academic Honesty) – coming soon.
  4. Awaiting further projects/ideas


Over the years I’ve tended to be focused on my work in the learning field and associated non-fiction in business, history and other domains. However, I’ve spent time supporting interest in fiction of late so thought I would start writing. Will add a link to the draft below once I’ve going a bit more with it.

  • “Living the Dream” – a football ‘novel’ for all ages, inspired by Championship Manager 01-02. CM01-02 has a fond spot in my heart (perhaps second only to 97-98) and following recent nostalgia (including this podcast) I’ve started playing 01-02 again.

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