Tristram Hunt’s take on that ‘School Revolution’

Partly in response to the changes in government, mentioned in my last post, the shadow minister for education has set out some of his ideas around the future of schools:

This is once again a little disappointing for me, for example, he seems to be sitting on the fence around the variety of schools that now exist (academies, free schools, etc) rather than suggesting a simplification.  Yet the video like one with his predecessor, also at the RSA, does at least stress the virtues of schools working together.

Perhaps the most interesting point, for me, of Tristram Hunt’s  presentation is his apparent unease at those “less committed to the social ethos of schooling”.  Within the context of his presentation this sounded like opposition to an expansion of ‘virtual’ or online schooling.  I still fear this is a missed opportunity, even if he was just to advocate for more online delivery around bricks and mortar it would be a step forward.  However, he seems to be another politician who links physical co-location with social learning, which does not have to be the case.

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