Valid learning eXperiences

Following on from my designing “valid learning experiences” being instructional design, and vice versa, summary in the below post: It was interesting to read through Learning Pool’s eXperience white paper: First things first, it is probably worth saying that there is a lot in this paper. Also, it is written somewhat differently to many… Continue reading Valid learning eXperiences

What can L&D learn from gaming’s open dev approach

I have recently registered to participate in pre-alpha testing of the new Humankind historical strategy game. This is a very interesting experience with many parallels to when we (aka “learning pros”) try and get L&D and other learning products tested in advance. Humankind makes content available to test via the Steam platform but news, community… Continue reading What can L&D learn from gaming’s open dev approach

My top ten tools (2020)

@C4LPT Top Tools for Learning voting 2020 >> Have just completed the form for my picks: @Google, @PodcastAddict, @YouTube, @wordpressdotcom, @Twitter, @MicrosoftTeams, @moodle, @Articulate, @LinkedIn and @zoom_us. — Ian Gardner (@iangardnergb) August 11, 2020 Not sure on the last time I voted in the annual vote but I suspect my list this year… Continue reading My top ten tools (2020)

Not all innovation is created equal

A few things lately have got me thinking, once again, about what innovation means, particularly in the area of online learning. The Covid crisis has brought a lot of this to the fore, for example the list below are just two things which have been day-to-day activities for me (and many others) for over a… Continue reading Not all innovation is created equal