I shouted last week…this is what I’m going to do about it:

Okay, so I’ve actually shouted at people three times in three weeks.  The third time felt particularly bad, it wasn’t the five people I shouted at that were really to blame but instead a combination of factors – building up to a point of frustration.  This week I was struck down with norovirus for about 48 hours, this time spent feeling sorry for myself (interspersed with weird illness dreams) has given me some time to reflect on what was (by shouting), I would consider at least, uncharacteristic behaviour for me.

Thus, I’m going to (or already have):

  • Spending some time with friends and family to recharge.
  • Going to spend less time trying to analyse Brexit – oddly this has been inspired by watching the last series of Peaky Blinders.  The focus on Oswald Mosley really just reinforced, to me, the class war that Britain has faced and the failure of politics to balance the agenda (I’m not supporting Fascism here – rather that we haven’t come very far in the best part of a 100 years of Liberal/Tory/Labour governments).  Voter apathy is of course not a solution to this but when I see the horrendous part money plays in American politics (for example, with socialists in the Democrat party fighting between themselves for campaign funding) and the influence of shadowy figures in the UK the solution seems to be to ‘go back into my shell’.  Huge kudos to extinction rebellion (and others like them) for standing up for what they believe in.
  • I’ve printed a copy of my favourite piece of the Strengthscope models for my primary place of work – to try and make good choices daily.
  • Saying ‘thank you’ on Twitter.  I’ve been listening to the Trolled podcast and, now that we have extra characters, I’m keen to say thank you more often.  I’m also going to say thank you to useful people on LinkedIn more often.  Feel free to tell me to shut up if this sounds like noise on the platforms.
  • I’m engaging and liking more comedy/light-hearted stuff on Twitter.  I appreciate that some people will not follow me because of this but I’m trying to not be so focused on learning-related topics on there.
  • I’ve returned to playing my Nintendo Switch after about a year of it collecting dust as I opted for more PC gaming.  The Switch is a joy and if you haven’t got one you really should 🙂

Okay, personal post over – back to learning/education related malarkey soon!

Thank you if you’ve read this far 😉

Author: iangardnergb

My name is Ian Gardner and I am interested in various topics that can be seen as related to learning, technology and information. To see what I am reading elsewhere, follow me on The Old Reader (I.gardner.gb) and/or Twitter (@iangardnergb).

One thought on “I shouted last week…this is what I’m going to do about it:”

  1. Just came back to this post when looking for something else – I should perhaps have said “very uncharacteristic”! Indeed I think those 3 times I shouted are the only times I have shouted in 20 years apart from at the football 🙂

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