Cheerio Google Reader

So I’ve taken the opportunity of a long holiday weekend to jump ship from Google Reader.

My final solution has been to move:

  1. most audio subscriptions to iTunes.
  2. other RSS to The Old Reader – this seems fine so far, a little annoying that imports come in as unread but otherwise not too bad.  The mobile version (on my Windows 8 phone) seems good enough.

For the record, my Reader stats were:

  1. 1682 subscriptions (The Old Reader said it imported 819 so I’m hoping that is ignoring dead ones rather than losing any)
  2. 42 tags/folders
  3. Over the last 30 days I had read 629 items, clicked 54 items, starred 0 items, and emailed 12 items.
  4. Since April 12, 2007 I had “read” a total of 178,020 items
  5. 8 starred items:
    1. Eradicating the Stigma: HR’s Future
    2. Rethinking Human Resources in a Changing World
    3. How Poor Leaders Become Good Leaders
    4. Nine Rules for Stifling Innovation
    5. Student Loans – sale of ‘mortgage-style loan book’
    6. What is a private university?
    7. The ePortfolio Idea “Forking”?
    8. A comment I made on a blog

Author: iangardnergb

My name is Ian Gardner and I am interested in various topics that can be seen as related to learning, technology and information. To see what I am reading elsewhere, follow me on The Old Reader ( and/or Twitter (@iangardnergb).

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