Thinking further about Visual Novels for learning (aka storytelling)

I recently enjoyed this interesting session by Training Magazine Network:

Storytelling is UNNECESSARY in Learning Lessons – Use Hyper‐Stories Instead

The argument was made for short examples in learning activities, rather than long stories. This made a lot of sense, to me, given the difficulty in building narratives that remain realistic once someone starts to select different options in a role play or scenario-based learning.

In some ways this can lead to a starting question any time we might want examples or scenarios:

Will short stories, to illustrate specific points, be best or a more immersive, longer, story?

If Visual Novels are useful for long branching narratives perhaps tools like inklewriter can be of use for shorter form content and such narrative “snippets” – with inkle allowing for some basic images to be added along with the text narrative.

The role a VN (or VN style approach) could have in your learning strategy crosses over with a number of other areas, not least with the excellent work and guidance available on the Nice Media YouTube channel related to drama in/forlearning:

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