Further thoughts on Articulate360

Following on from my post on Rise

You are first prompted to install 360.  However, you quickly realize this is just the new installer/aggregated menu.  Once installed, this then prompts you to install or launch other tools – if you have the trial banner then “Preso” is shunted off the bottom.

Articulate360 menu with open, install and launch options
articulate/Articulate 360 menu

Installation of the local content was a bit tricky – I had my local IT team to tinker with my admin permissions to allow the Storyline and Replay installs whilst Studio 360 would not install due to a “conflicting version of Studio is currently installed”.  Fair enough as presumably they interact with PowerPoint in the same way.

The feel (as well as the 360 name) of the new Storyline is very Microsoft – perhaps predictably considering the close alignment with PowerPoint in the past.  This all feels very Office still, the purple theme giving a warm OneNote kinda feel to proceedings.

Once into Storyline360 things look even more familiar – indeed it looks and acts much like Storyline 2.  The differences for now are really what is highlighted on the first/home screen (see image).

The additional media libraries are fine but many people will have an image bank or corporate access to Thinkstock anyway and Review is probably presumptive that IDs are getting more time with their SMEs (or more of their SMEs’ time) than they are!

Feeling at Home in OneNote Storyline

Then the real value would be left in coming from the responsive player.  It would be lovely if the product comparisons (web / PDF) linked to videos or pages showing the specific change to the Storyline UI and UX.

Bigger differences are clear in Replay where it is now a more genuine alternative to Camtasia Studio thanks to the “New editing tools”.

The editing tools offer the simple Cut/Delete/Split/Silence that you tend to need and would remove my tendancy to switch between iMovie, Replay, Screencastify [which is more the mark ‘Peek’ is after] and other things.

Replay home page
One major change highlighted here

Plenty of good reviews elsewhere (for example here) so I’ll stop at that point.  Needless to say it will be interesting to look into this and other authoring tools again at BETT and Learning Tech this year and try to get a handle of what is the best way forward.

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