Kineo Connect: progress with purpose (event)

Well, I’ve finally had my first go on a HoloLens – after failing at BETT – thanks to MakeReal at the latest Kineo client event.

It really confirmed to me the potential value of HoloLens for multiple solutions.  The example available to try out was an interactive site map (i.e. building complex not website) – great for not having to carry around scale models with you!  For learning there are some great examples starting to emerge – such as this one for healthcare.  Cost, of course, remains an issue – with the development edition currently a tasty £2719.  It was also an opportunity to try an activity via SteamVR OS – building a reactor in VR.

The presentations/workshops, away from MakeReal’s demo space, focused on:

  1. Kineo’s Learning Insights report: Move for L&D to “facilitators of career development” from “deliverers of training”.
    1. I would agree with this.  I tend to describe my role as creating scaffolds for the organization to succeed and its people to be empowered.
    2. Report here.
  2. Social Learning.
    1. This was a nice recap of some of the logic and reminded me of the need to continue to encourage people to share and shift cultures – for example, the value in people sharing their ‘bibles’.
    2. Ideas included “find an expert”, something we are trying to do via badges for people at the top of our competency model.
    3. Slides here. White paper.
  3. Content Curation.
    1. I’m always torn on this topic as whilst I agree there is information overload I’m also conscious that information teams have fallen away in industries like law – in part as the WWW has made a lot of information free and thus the ‘value add’ from a professional team is tricky to identify/articulate.
    2. The challenge, as I see it, is how you combine a world of personal information management (the presentation mentioned bookmarking as example most people would do) and PLNs with opportunities to add value (context, metadata, write descriptions, etc.) centrally.
    3. Recommendation for a search > aggregate > filter > add value > promote model (akin to Jarche’s seek > sense > share).
    4. Couple of examples were run through – use of existing content to support BDO’s competency model (i.e. not needing to author new content) and Anders Pink as a tech solution (which I’ve trialed and like but raises questions over how it fits into your wider ecosystem).
    5. Slides here.
  4. Interactive Video.
    1. Have to agree there is a lot of value in interactive video where you can find the right use case, authoring and deployment approach.
    2. It was interesting to see/hear the Kineo approach – including the blended of ‘learning’ content with existing promotional video, for example, with Rolls Royce.
    3. Some nice ideas – like weighting questions where there is ambiguity (no true/false), gopro cameras of POV style, setting up secured YouTube channels for UG content submission and the oft shared Australian Deloitte video.
    4. Some of this could be done in Storyline – advantage of their authoring is multi-device SCORM publishing.
    5. Slides here. Guide here.

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